Electricity projects design and implementation department

  • Medium Voltage Applications
  • Low Voltage Applications
  • Interior and Exterior Electricity Infrastructure Applications
  • Interior and Environmental Lighting Applications
  • Facade Lighting Applications
  • Stage Lighting Applications
  • Stadium and Gymnasium Lighting Applications


Implementation Area

  • Mix Used Project
  • Convention Center
  • Commercial Center and Shopping Mall
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Hotel and Residences
  • Sport Facilities
  • Education Institutions
  • Industry and Factories
  • Public Buildings
  • Theatre Cinema and Cultural Center
  • Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Distribution
  • Sizing Transformer and Power Compensation
  • Interior and Environmental Lighting and Lighting Automation System
  • Emergency and UPS
  • Short Circuit Calculation
  • Design of Electrical Panel Board
  • Grounding and Lighting Protection
  • Site Infrastructure Works